Great Things Will Come

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Don’t focus on not having money nor worry about reaching success. Know and believe you are wealthy and behave responsibly while you keep this thought.

Don’t think about nor entertain hate. Think about love and loyalty and God/Universe will surround you with people who will love you, respect you and protect you physically and mentally.

Don’t get on your knees and plead with God for good health and healing. Thank God for making you healthy and whole. If you truly believe you are healthy and whole, you won’t ask God for those things, you will only thank Him because you already have them.

“What a man thinks so is he” Only focus on what you want and that is what you shall have, only focus on who you want to become and soon you shall be.

No day or year has the power to change a man. Only the mind holds that power. If you can discipline the mind you can master the world.

The ones who are above others with no sorrow or pain added are not better than the ones below them, their mind frame and thoughts are better and stronger. A strong mind does not focus on hate, lack or foolishness. A wise person knows those things exist but do not care or entertain them.

May God bless your mind and grant you all the desires of your heart each day.


Self Image


You must get it right.  Accept yourself, love yourself.  Attention from the world should not be gratifying or fulfilling only self love is guaranteed to elevate you to that level.

It’s not your job to worry about the perception of other peoples opinions regarding your lifestyle and the way you conduct yourself.  Your daily job is to practice good behavior, live free of worry, operate with integrity and live as a human with high morals so that you can be of value.

We do not live in a world were one should feel sorry for themselves or play victim and expect others to feel pity for their situations.  We live in a world where only winner mentalities survive.  Either you will fall down 9 times and get up ten or stay down and get trampled.   Your life is your choice it’s that simple.  It’s no ones job to care about you.

5 Signs You are Best-friends

1.    A best-friend is a protector
A best-friend will protect your name and reputation at all cost.  A friend won’t give anyone a chance to speak ill of you.  People will automatically know to keep their negative thoughts of you to themselves.

2.    A best-friend catches you before you fall
Your friends will block your path when they see you going in the wrong direction.  They won’t judge you.  Their mission is to save you.  “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down”.  ~Arnold H. Glasow ~

3.    A best-friend’s joy is your joy.
In life we are trained to believe that friends are made to comfort us and we comfort them through tough times.  Yes, that is true.  However their joy is your joy.  A best-friend will always include or give you the opportunity to be a part of the blessings taken place in their lives.

4.    A best-friend is loyal and trustworthy
A best-friend can be trusted with your money, spouse, family and everything else that matters the most to you.  They know the things of yours they can have and cannot have.

5.    The surety and the ultimate bond of a true friendship is when you can walk in the front door without knocking and eat up all their food.  
You are included in the household grocery budget lol.  To make it even better you hold the spare key.

Shift Your Mind

we are all told to think positive, no matter what race, religion or gender.  However, when ones does not experience these positive thoughts in the natural they began to lose hope and become doubtful.  Hold on to your wonderful feelings, be the solider that fights to the end believing when on his knees he will still win.

Life is full of disappointments but feel good and be happy.  Your emotions shift your day.   Think about the life you want.

Lets leave behind the following:

Hate / Negativity / Heart Break / Temper / Anger / Envy / Jealously / Depression / Self- Doubt / Rudeness / Ignorance / Arrogance / lying / Cheating / Low Self-Esteem / Disrespect / Baggage

The above things mentioned will destroy your life slowly but surely.  Undo these thoughts and and allow your mind to reverse its self with the following:

Love / Positive Thinking / Happiness / Inner-peace / Wealth / Abundance / Patience / Respect /  Wisdom / Universal Power / God Power / Good Health / Honesty / Loyalty / Fun / Confidence

Learn to nurture your mind with powerful positive thoughts and attract the life you want.  Problems will always exist but a conquer has no worries.

Wisdom {Part One}

One must search for wisdom everyday. Your pursuit for wisdom must be diligent. Once you obtain wisdom she is a prize, packed with good sense, better judgement and insight. Wisdom spares you from blame and shame. Wisdom helps you distinguish right from wrong on a complicated level. Example: Any individual man, woman or child knows lying is wrong and there is no right in it. However, we face more complicated decisions where we can’t differentiate right from wrong. Example: Should I buy this item today while it’s on sale or should I wait until I have extra money. Should I take this job that will consist most of my time on the road because the pay is excellent but knowing that, if I do so, I will miss out on all my family activities. when should I allow my child to walk to the school bus by his/her self. Should I ask him or her to marry me now or should I wait. These are decisions that will require wisdom because it’s hard to determine the wrong or right choice. When examining these decisions one might say there is no wrong or right choice. Let me tell you my friend that is not true every decision has an outcome either it’s good, bad or okay. Timing might not be right, money might not be right, the neighborhood might not be right. Wisdom will reveal to you what’s right and when the time is right.

Wisdom keeps you from a destructive path. You will no longer yearn for the company of evil men and women. You won’t be manipulated nor will you manipulate others. You will no longer have partners in crime but partners in power and business.

With wisdom men will no longer lust for piggish women who have been slaughtered by many. Women will no longer accept lazy, lying men full of hate and disobedience.

Only good men and women enjoy life to the fullest with no sorrow or pain. Wicked people will lose all good things and will shortly destroy themselves.

Hello My Name Is Fear

The things we fear the most cause us to worry for no reason.  Fear puts pressure on your heart and false visions in your mind.  We fear many things in life.

Fear of being alone opens doors for unwanted guest. You might think you want them but they don’t want you.  These people will surround you with like, not love, they will give you just enough but never their all.  Your spirit reveals to you the people who are good but not good for you.  The spirit reveals to you those friends who are plotting against you, and who are jealous of you. Stay away from them, they seek to destroy you. But because of fear you let them in anyway you’re frightened to be alone.

You keep a tight grip on a person knowing your heart is telling you to let go.  However it would kill you to look back and see this person make it without you.  Just admit, it would crush you, especially if they reach success with someone else.    You’re not stupid, you know those friends are envious of you but instead you would rather keep them around to have a good time.  They know how to party and how to look good all eyes are on you and your team.  You would rather watch them closely than to surround yourself with good hearted people.  The good hearted might not dress well enough for you, not have enough money for you, they’re not popular enough for you, so instead you play in the garden with snakes thinking you’re smart enough not to get bit.

Fear is a leach, it sucks the confidence out of you.  You no longer believe or have faith in yourself doubt arises in your mind causing you to think otherwise.   First, your stomach will hurt, soon after your speech will err, finally you will have made a fool of yourself.  Fear caused you to lose that job, fear caused you to ruin that date, and fear caused you to miss that opportunity, FEAR CAUSED YOU YOUR LIFE!

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